26 March 2024

Avian Influenza Group participated in the SVEPM 2024 Conference

The avian influenza epidemiology research influenza group participated in the annual SVEPM conference in 2024 with 5 contributions.

Yangfan Liu showcased her work on a mathematical model for the spread of avian influenza in Denmark.

Anette Boklund showed her work with epidemiological investigations of avian influenza outbreaks in Denmark in 2020-2023.

Carsten Kirkeby showed a poster describing the newly started PAIR project.

Lene Jung Kjær showed her work on forecasting outbreaks of HPAI in Europe.

Last but not least, Helene Ane Jensen showed her work on risk factors for outbreaks of avian influenza in poultry farms.
Helene won a poster prize for this poster. Congratulations!

To view the posters (all but one) just click on the pictures here below;

Yangfan Liu with posterAnette Boklund with posterCarsten Thure Kirkeby with posterLene Jung Kjær with posterHelene Ane Jensen with poster