Here below you will find a list of some of the current research projects that section for Animal Welfare and Disease Control are working on.


Reduced use of AntimiCROBials in cAttle and poulTry

Transportability of Danish broiler chickens

Project manager: Lektor Helle Halkjær Kristensen

This project is part of a bigger project under the "Veterinærforlig II". The projects overall objective is to gather information about the transportability of production animals - poultry, cattle and pigs - a knowledge that focuses on relevant problems and issues regarding the transport regulation (1/2005).

Read more (in danish)

New research can reduce mortality in intensive pig production

Researchers from University of Copenhagen are working to map the the path of infectious diseases and examine better welfare for production animals in the EU-research project PROHEALTH. The project has been granted 11 millioner € to investigate the health of production animals.

25.000 danish piglets dies every day in the intensive danish pig production. At some of our European neighbours there are an equal high mortality in intensive pig production, which is the most common production method in Europe.  Read more (in danish) 

Foto af smågrise i flok