Udder Health Epidemiology subgroup

Since 2018, the Udder Health Epidemiology group in the Section of Animal welfare and Disease Control, Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, have been conducting research on mastitis.

Our research focuses on various aspects of mastitis epidemiology, encompassing the estimation of transmission rates, mathematical modeling of transmission between udder quarters, field data collection, and hypothesis testing. Our ultimate goal is to conduct research that enhances our understanding of the transmission dynamics of mastitis-causing pathogens in modern dairy herds. By doing so, we aim to contribute to the improvement of animal welfare, the financial well-being of farmers, and the reduction of antibiotic usage.

Udder health is a key cornerstone in modern dairy management, ensuring optimal milk production, profitability, and the welfare of our cows.



Selektiv goldning med ansvarligt antibiotikaforbrug (Mælkeafgiftsfonden). The objective of the project is to develop research-based methods and recommendations for dairy farmers at the herd level to effectively identify which cows and udder quarters can be selectively dried off without negatively impacting cell counts at the cow or quarter level. This contributes to profitable production and internationally competitive farming practices, where the use of antibiotics is based on scientific evidence. 

Towards Herd Specific Udder Health Management (SEGES). This is the PhD project of Michael Farre. The overall objective of this PhD project is to propose and assess the efficacy of herd-specific udder health management in Danish dairy cattle herds. This includes research approaches within social science, epidemiology and microbiology.

Sikker diagnostik I B-streptokokbesætninger. This project is funded by the Milk Levy Foundation and aims at improving the diagnostics for dairy herds with S. agalactiae infections. 

ACROBAT project. The aim of this project is to conduct research on how to reduce the use of antibiotics in cattle and poultry. This projects is funded by the Danish contingency under the DK-VET consortium



Yversundhed i Top gennem bedre behandlingsstrategier (”Optimal udder health through improved treatment strategies”). The purpose of the project, funded by the Milk Levy Foundation, is to reduce the occurrence of clinical and subclinical mastitis in cows and consequently decrease the use of antibiotics in dairy cattle. This is achieved by developing and implementing evidence-based control strategies for mastitis that rely on improved diagnostics and antibiotic treatment.

Yversundhed i Verdensklasse. Funded by the Dairy Foundation. The purpose is to improve milk quality and udder health, which will result in an increase in milk yield and a decrease in antibiotic usage among Danish dairy farmers."





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Alice Puk Skarbye Postdoc +4535337680 E-mail
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Carsten Thure Kirkeby Senior Researcher +4535337215 E-mail
Line Svennesen Assistant Professor +4535337728 E-mail
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Carsten Thure Kirkeby
e-mail: ckir@sund.ku.dk 
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