Animal Models in Pediatrics

The goal is to improve survival and reduce morbidity in early life. We investigate clinical complications and identify intervention strategies related to nutrition, microbiology and pharmacology, that have clinical effect. Using piglets as models of compromised newborns, we aim to improve the health of both infants and newborn animals. We aim to have the best available models for some of the most common disease conditions in early life.

Donorpig - newborn piglet






























































Group leader

Group Leader

Thomas Thymann

Dyrlægevej 68, Bygning 1-73
1870 Frederiksberg C

Phone: +45 35 33 26 22

Group members

Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Aasmul-Olsen, Karoline PhD Fellow +4535335727 E-mail
Brunse, Anders Assistant Professor +4535337262 E-mail
Christensen, Vibeke Brix Associate Professor   E-mail
Christiansen, Line Iadsatian PhD Fellow +4535330359 E-mail
Cilieborg, Malene Skovsted Project Coordinator +4535333631 E-mail
Henriksen, Nicole Lind PhD Fellow +4535336506 E-mail
Holgersen, Kristine Postdoc +4535334875 E-mail
Karlsson, Britta Laboratory Technician +4535324637 E-mail
Larsen, Christina PhD Fellow +4535335594 E-mail
Larsen, Kristina Kjær Laboratory Technician. +4535326618 E-mail
Offersen, Simone Margaard PhD Fellow +4535334432 E-mail
Povlsen, Jane Connie Animal Keeper +4535331452 E-mail
Thymann, Thomas Professor with special responsibilities +4535332622 E-mail