Comparative Pediatrics and Nutrition

The vision of CPN is to improve the survival and health of animals and humans in early life. Morbidity and mortality are very high in the first period of life, particularly if development is compromised (e.g., by preterm birth, growth restriction or infections). Using translational science, we work cross-disciplinary, from basic studies in cells and organs to preclinical studies in animals (pig, mice) and applied clinical studies in mothers and children, and investigate how nutritional interventions, gut microbiota and infections affect development, disease and survival in the first phase of life of both humans and animal species.

We work closely with Danish and international university partners and industry to study effects of (milk) diets, nutrients, microbiota or pharmacological interventions in cell/tissue models and animals such as newborn pigs. To secure that the research on cells and animals can be translated into solutions for animal and human patients, we have established a collaborative network with Danish and international hospital units (e.g., pediatrics, neonatology, surgery, intensive care, clinical chemistry).

Graphic of the structure of the section
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