Pediatric Clinical Research - PCR

The goal of the PCR group is to do research in infants, children and mothers with important scientific relevance and health implications for humans and animals. The focus is on nutrition and infections. 




















































Group leader

Group Leader

Per Torp Sangild
MD, Professor, DMSc

Dyrlægevej 68, 1870 Frederiksberg C, building 1-73

Phone: + 45 35 33 26 98

Group/project members

Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Ahnfeldt, Agnethe May PhD Student +4535328159 E-mail
Aunsholt, Lise Associate Professor +4535451325 E-mail
Li, Yanqi Associate Professor +4535331099 E-mail
Niemann, Mads Jacob PhD Fellow +4535322300 E-mail
Rasmussen, Martin Bo PhD Fellow +4535330720 E-mail
Sangild, Per Torp Professor +4535332698 E-mail
Shen, René Liang Postdoc +4535327084 E-mail

Externally employed researchers

Navn Titel Telefon E-mail

Fei Gao

Associate Professor

Susanne Søndergaard Kappel

PhD student, Rigshospitalet

Yuemei Peng

Nurse, China

Xudong Yan

MD,  China