Henrik Christensen

Henrik Christensen

Associate Professor


◊ Text book: Introduction to Bioinformatics for Microbiology published. 

◊ Same types of Escherichia coli sequence type 95 in diseased poultry and human urinary tract infections

◊ Chapters for Bergey's Manual of Systematics of Bacteria and Archea authored

◊ New online course in Bioinformatics of Microbiology launched.  

◊ Online tool for MLST and capsular typing.

◊ Minimal standards for use of whole genomic sequencing in taxonomy 

◊ Special honour: Christensenellaceae


Primary fields of research

Research activities:

> Bioinformatics

> Population genetics and population genomics of bacteria

> Pathogenic bacteria in poultry

> Bacterial systematics and taxonomy

> PasteurellaceaeRodentibacterActinobacillus, Gallibacterium

> Serotyping Pasteurella multocida (PCR, whole genomic)

> Probiotics


Teaching activities:

> Bioinformatics in veterinary microbiology at MSc and PhD levels

> Bacterial diagnostisc and typing

> Fungi veterinary importance


International societies:

> Chair of ICSP Subcommitee on Pasteurellaceae 

> Associate editor of Avian Pathology, IJSEM and editorial board Veterinary Microbiology, Avian Diseases

> Member of Judicial Commission of ICSP (2018-)

> Member of EFSA FEED panel and microbiological working group (2018 -)


Possible conflicts of interests:

Collaborates with different branches of animal production and biotech industry in different countries including Denmark. This work occationally include externally funded projects. The representatives from the companies are occationally partners in the projects or serve as advisors to the projects. In all these relations I act as an employee of the University of Copenhagen and do not receive any renumeration from the external partners. 

I work as scientific expert for EFSA as a menber of the FEEDAP panel ( - 2024) and as member of the FEED microbiology group. I receive a salary for this work from EFSA. My DOI is published at the EFSA website: https://ess.efsa.europa.eu/doi/doiweb/doisearch/panel/FEED/wg/684416

I am internal evaluator of FWO

ID: 4224670