Veterinary parasitology - the VETPAR group

Parasites are ubiquitous in domestic and wild animals and only very few infections are we able to eradicate. Our goal is to harness the host to better cope (or co-exist) with infections or to limit infections in a sustainable way to avoid disease, improve immunity and reduce the loss in productivity.

..approaches to helminth control with less reliance on existing drugs are urgently needed to ensure sustainable control of parasites in the future. And reducing the production loss induced by parasites will limit the climate footprint of livestock and be a further step to sustainability.”  (Professor Stig M. Thamsborg)









































































































Building 1-05
Dyrlægevej 100, 2nd floor
DK - 1871 Frederiksberg C

Kirsten Grønlund Andersen
Phone: + 45 3533 1401


Group leader Stig Milan Thamsborg

Group Leader

Stig Milan Thamsborg

Phone +45

Group/project members

Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Bonde, Charlotte Smith PhD student   E-mail
Christiansen, Lise-Lotte Laboratory technician +45 353-32747 E-mail
Engström, Marica Therese Visiting Postdoc   E-mail
Jensen, Karen Magrethe Rude Master thesis student   E-mail
Mejer, Helena Associate professor +45 353-32789 E-mail
Thamsborg, Stig Milan Professor +45 353-33778 E-mail
Valente, Angela Hørdum PhD fellow +45 353-28024 E-mail