Bacterial pathogenesis and treatment strategies - Mol-VET-Micro group

Research carried out in the Molecular Veterinary Microbiology (Mol-Micro-VET) group aims to find new ways to prevent and cure bacterial diseases in animals and humans, and thus to contribute to reduction in use of antimicrobials in livestock and companion animals.

Clades I-III: Photo Arshnee Moodley




































































Group leader

Group Leader

John Elmerdahl Olsen

Stigbøjlen 4, 1870 Frederiksberg C, 1-20

Phone: +45 35 33 27 84
Cell:  +45 51 25 03 99

Group/project members

Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Bønnelycke, Tony Poul Laboratory technician +45 353-36468 E-mail
Christensen, Henrik Associate professor +45 353-32783 E-mail
Kristensen, Tanja Laboratory technician +45 353-36394 E-mail
Olsen, John Elmerdahl Professor +45 353-32784 E-mail
Ryttov, Dan Friis Laboratory technician +45 353-36531 E-mail
Thomsen, Line Elnif Associate professor +45 353-32754 E-mail