Antibiotic resistance in biofilms

Mutations and genes that confer antibiotic resistance have been known for many years and have been studied in great detail. In this project we speculate that there will be other genes in bacterial cells that help the resistance being established and expressed and help the bacterium become fit in competition with non-resistant bacteria. In this project we will search for genes and mutations the help the bacteria become resistant to antibiotics and we will across gram positive and - negative bacteria ask if there are similarities between such non-obvious "resistance" genes.

The results of the project may lead to development of new diagnostic tools and procedures, which more precisely can inform the treatment system on design of effective and sustainable elimination therapies. The project is funded the by Independent Research Fund Denmark, Technology and Production (DFF - 7017-00079) and is in collaboration with other groups at University of Copenhagen, Statens Serum Institut, DTU Biosustain and Rigshospitalet.