Enzootic and zoonotic virus research: The Lars Erik Larsen group

The overarching goal of our work is to contribute to increased animal welfare and food safety in the Danish animal production. The core research areas are enzootic viral diseases in pigs and other production animals and zoonotic viruses in pigs and birds.


The Enzootic and Zoonotic virus research group
Dyrlægevej 88, building 1-09
Frederiksberg Campus
1870 Frederiksberg C


























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Research Group leader

Research Group Leader

Lars Erik Larsen


Phone +45 3533 2329

Group/project members

Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
George, Sophie Joanna PhD Fellow   E-mail
Goecke, Nicole Bakkegård Postdoc +4535327222 E-mail
Grønnegaard, Nina Dam Laboratory Technician +4535328312 E-mail
Kristensen, Charlotte PhD Student   E-mail
Kvisgaard, Lise Kirstine Academic Research Staff +4535321617 E-mail
Larsen, Lars Erik Professor +4535332329 E-mail
Liang, Yuan PhD Fellow +4535337865 E-mail
Martiny, Karen Anna Handberg Student +4535322266 E-mail
Romar, Mathias Attendant +4535333553 E-mail
Ryt-Hansen, Pia Postdoc +4535334530 E-mail
Tran, Hue Thi Thanh Laboratory Technician +4535322549 E-mail
Welner, Simon Postdoc +4535320258 E-mail