30. juni 2023

Second prize in the category of Best Paper 2023 in Animals MDPI

A group of scientists from University of Copenhagen, Statens Serum Institut and Department of Health Technology (DTU) received a 2 prize award for an article with the title;

SARS-CoV-2 in Danish Mink Farms: Course of the Epidemic and a Descriptive Analysis of the Outbreaks in 2020

A short summary of the article;

Since 2019, SARS-CoV-2 has spread and become a global pandemic. Unexpectedly, infection of farmed mink by SARS-CoV-2 was detected in the Netherlands in April 2020 and infections in three mink farms in Denmark were detected in June. Approximately 1140 mink farms were present in Denmark at the time, and a rapid increase in the number of farms with infected mink occurred from September onwards. Features of the infection on these farms were examined and potential routes of transmission between farms evaluated. It is apparent that the infection spread very easily between mink within a farm and can spread to and from people with close contact to the farmed mink. The infection spread between farms in close proximity to each other, but direct human contact is still the only identified route of virus transmission.

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Anette Bøtner comments; "I am extremely honored that we have been selected for this award for second prize in the category of Best Paper 2023 in Animals MDPI. This was truly a team work, and I am proud that we managed to write this paper so shortly after an extremely busy and stressfull period".

Congratulations to the full team; Anne Sofie HammerMichelle Lauge QuaadeThomas Bruun RasmussenLouise Lohse, Bertel StrandbygaardCharlotte Sværke JørgensenAnn Sofie OlesenFreja Broe HjerpeHeidi Huus PetersenTim Kåre JensenSten MortensenFrancisco Fernando Calvo ArtaviaStine Kjær LefèvreSøren Saxmose NielsenTariq HalasaGraham Belsham and Anette Bøtner

Group photo of the authors