Veterinary and Animal Health Sciences (former HERD)

Head of the program: Inge Larsen, DVM, Associate professor in Pig Health,

PhD coordinator: Associate professor Johannes Gulmann Madsen, 

Departmental or organizational affiliation: Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. Head of the department: Birgit Nørrung

The Steering Committee at present consist of

Program description

The purpose of the graduate program is to educate researchers on a high international level, to unite and combine research and teaching activities in animal production, animal health and animal welfare. The program includes aspects of the primary production from live farm animals to human food security issues, also described as One-Health (or stable-to-table).

The programs aims to attract research funding, new students and business contacts and to constitute a portal for relevant research and university education for industry, producers, authorities and research groups from other institutions and/or countries within the mentioned area.

The activities cover aspects of population medicine, veterinary public health, occurrence and distribution, therapy and prophylaxis of diseases, risk factors (environmental and individual), disease monitoring, outbreak investigations on herd and national level, zoonotic infections and antimicrobial resistance, disease models and trials, diagnostic test assessments pharmaco-epidemiology, ethology, animal welfare, bio-ethics, productivity management, feeding, emission control, information and communication technology, surveillance systems and utilisation of data from national databases like Vetstat, health advisory service and other important competences for graduates with future functions as researchers, veterinary advisors and animal science consultants for the agriculture and industry.

Partners and contributors

  • Danish Agriculture and food Council
  • Knowledge Centre for Agriculture
  • Pig Research Centre
  • Pig, Cattle and Milk Levy Foundations
  • Danish Centre for Animal Welfare (DCAW)
  • Danish dairy Board
  • Novozymes
  • DTU-Vet (Technical University of Denmark, National Veterinary Institute)
  • Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture (Aarhus University, DCA)
  • University of Southern Denmark
  • Danish Cattle Research Centre
  • Danish Cattle and Pig Specialist associations
  • European Veterinary Colleges (ECPHM / ECVPH / ECBHM)
  • Veterinary private practice
  • Medical companies